At its core, each facial treatment is really a massage. So instead of machine, our specialist use only hands to caress and massage your skin. We promote balanced and healthy approach to heal and rejuvenate your beautiful skin. No matter which facial you choose, you will leave the store with glowing and younger looking skins. We encourage you to have regular facial treatment for a maximum benefit. If you commit to 5 treatments, we will treat you to the 6 th on the house.

  • Stem Cell with Microneedle Therapy (75min)
  • This treatment comes with Microdermabrasion and Photolight treatment. It is the highest and most advanced treatment there is. The best benefits of this treatment include firming, brightening, calming, and toning of the skin. The benefits and result of this skin treatment are worth the investment, you will see delicious results!

  • Photolight Treatment (60min)
  • This treatment comes with Microdermabrasion and light therapy for a relaxing experience, where you comfortably lay underneath the light. This treatment is excellent for rejuvenation and anti-aging with the light stimulating the skin’s natural process to increase collagen and elastin production, which leads to the smoothing and softening of lines and wrinkles. It is also great for anti-inflammation for acne, scars, pigmentation, rosacea, age spots, enlarged pores, and eczema. For those that have recently had a procedure done, our Photolight treatment can also benefit swelling and bruises, and accelerates the skin recovery.

  • Aurora Facial (60min)
  • This treatment comes with Microdermabrasion and Facial lifting system using radiofrequencies, vacuum and LED light technologies. Both the facial and alternative hand piece can be applied to target regions such as the face and neck to bring dramatic treatment results. This luxurious facial treatment improves wrinkles, helps to lift and tighten the skin, and stimulates collagen rejuvenation in the skin.

  • Microdermabrasion Facial (60min)
  • This gentle yet effective treatment is one of the most innovative exfoliating techniques. Using Micronized crystals to slough off dead skin, Microdermabrasion eliminates the signs of aging, sun damage, and smooth rough textures, fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Angel's Signature (50min)
  • Acne Treatment (50min)
  • Soothing Treatment (50min)
  • Teen Facial (45min)


  • AHA Vita Peels
  • Eye & Lip Rejuvenation
  • Neck Treatment
  • Collagen Mask
  • Microderma Treatment
  • Photolight Treatment
  • Aurora Treatment

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